We Run the World

We Run the World title

We Run the World

We’ve been thrilled to be the graphics vendor on Southpaw Pictures sports documentary series We Run the World.

The series consists of five bite sized programmes, all just over 10 minutes long. Each episode follows an inspirational Irish female athlete.  The first series, follows Nikki Daly, and picks up just two weeks before Ireland’s World Cup showdown. The whole series is beautifully shot and edited and a real feast to watch. Each episode is only ten minutes long, making it an ideal fit for the platform for which it was designed: The RTÉ Player. Commuters and computer-lunch-break-takers will not be disappointed with each easily digestible chunk.

For our part, we were asked to create the title graphic and accompanying animated name supers. The graphics brief was to keep elements minimal and elegant, without looking over-produced. The reason for this type of graphical treatment is to maintain the integrity of the real or raw tone of the documentary. Allowing the graphics to stay understated and lets the content speak for itself and these compelling stories certainly do just that.

You can catch all five episodes on new look RTÉ Player


Five episode titles

All five titles for the We Run the World episodes