Tithe Cois Uisce

Tithe Cois Uisce

We were delighted to create this opening title for Tithe Cois Uisce on TG4. This 8-part docuseries explores the connection between our homes and our sea.

The Concept and Process

This ‘connection’ is echoed in the opening title as lines connect shoreline houses to the title ‘Tithe Cois Uisce’ above. It’s a simple but effective idea, thought up by Colm Hogan and Oisín Mistéil.

Having shot the beautiful background plate and knowing what they wanted to do with it, they approached us to design the title of the show and incorporate it in to the landscape.

The creative process took off, as we proposed options for the logo and visual mock-ups of how Tithe Cois Uisce would connect to the land.

Thin white lines would lend the aesthetic a modern and clean look, as well as connote the concept of ‘connecting threads’ and how as islanders we are tied to the land and the sea.


Where to catch it

You can watch Síle Nic Chonaonaigh each week on TG4 as she visits a different location by the sea.

Go to the TG4 player to see all episodes available.


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