Stand Up from the Sunflower

Stand Up from the Sunflower

Stand Up from the Sunflower is a sharp and edgy stand-up comedy recorded in front of a live audience at the Sunflower pub, Belfast. So they needed a sharp and edgy titles to introduce the program.

After a catch-up with Elton Mullally and Rob Davis (aka Southpaw Pictures), we knew that the main titles and in-show graphics should not look over-produced. A simple title design with an edgy execution would do the trick, without going all Hollywood on this one. The guys at Southpaw shot and edited the opening sequence and Mike at Highwire gave us the graded sequence.

We put forward a selection of title design options, and after one was chosen we moved on to the animation. We then moved on to lower third design and animation.


Colin Geddis doing stand up comedy at the Sunflower pub.

A layered glitchy animation was created for the reveal of the lower thirds.


If you love late night comedy, catch Stand Up from the Sunflower every Monday at 23:40 on BBC ONE Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland HD only.

And if you’re a UK resident and missed an episode, catch all on the BBC iPlayer


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