Virgin TWO Ident: View from a Rooftop

Virgin TWO Ident: View from a Rooftop

This Virgin TWO ident was one of two animated idents created for the launch of Virgin TWO – now the new name for 3e!  We were delighted to be asked to create these station branding sequences for the TV channel.

Our concept for the idents concentrated on how television transports us to another dimension; We are shown worlds that we can escape to. Worlds that entertain us, thrill us and frighten us, where imagination has no boundaries.  Virgin TWO is a ‘Window into the Extraordinary’ and this is the basis of our concept.

With each Virgin TWO ident, we wanted communicate the idea of TWO being window or a portal into another dimension. To do this our strategy was to present people with an everyday environment. An environment that has connotations of the bleak banality of everyday life. On the other hand, we have the juxtaposition; the fantasy. This is the environment that brings us joy, relaxation, eases our stress, lets us switch off. In this ident it is the heavenly landscape of fluffy clouds populated by colorful paragliders. The pops of colour, the connotations of weightlessness and lightness and the sense of abundance all result in a visual aesthetic that is not only pleasing to look at, but evokes of emotions of joy and relaxation.

A sense of scale is particularly important throughout all the idents, but for this one we really wanted to communicate the grandeur of the channel. The tall buildings and sprawling cityscape gave us great opportunity to push to boat out and go as big as possible on the sheer size of the TWO. Making it bigger also allowed to portray the paragliders, flying inside. At times they come right up to the window and as the story is unveiled, we eventually see the paragliders fly through this window and enter the everyday world.
A bespoke soundscape for these idents was created by Waveform Studios, Dublin


Illustration by: Emberlight



Emberlight, TV & Film