KBC 3e Ident Takeover

KBC 3e Ident Takeover

The ultimate in sponsorship takeovers, elements of KBC’s new international campaign feature heavily in this bespoke 3e Takeover. The beautiful 2D illustrated style created a unique challenge for our 3D animators. The 2D illustrations from the client’s campaign were used as reference by our artists who then modeled them in 3d. A 2D shader was then applied to the models to help maintain the integrity of the 2D look. This ident shows these elements exploding out from the 3e, while other elements like the rocket and the balloons are introduced as individual animations.
Every aspect of the 3e colour palette has been transformed to reflect KBC colours and branding. Original shaders and textures used on the 3e model have been modified to look more 2D to complement KBC’s illustrative style.
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Client: TV3 / KBC
Agency: 18 Feet
Sound design: Waveform Studios

Illustration by: Emberlight





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