Changing Ireland: My Big Idea. Opening Titles

Changing Ireland: My Big Idea. Opening Titles

We created these opening titles for RTÉ series Changing Ireland: My Big Idea. Changing Ireland is another inspiring series from Areaman Productions.  It is a six part docuseries that follows the journey of Irish entrepreneurs, each with their own ‘Big Idea’ to make the world a better place. These social entrepreneurs from the SEI community, set out to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face as a country, from health and housing to food wastage.


The keywords that came out of the brief for the Changing Ireland opening were ‘connectivity’, ‘community’ and ‘innovation’. One idea that the client felt could embody the series, was that of lights over Ireland, illuminating to signify sparks of ideas and connectivity. The idea of the light bulb turning on became so integral to the concept that it was brought in to the logo.

We proceeded to storyboard the sequence you see now, paying careful attention to pace and transitions. We then worked to create an astronaut’s view of the earth, with lights illuminating across countries as the world rotates away from the sun. A wave of illumination sweeps across Ireland. This imagery, together with the turning cogs motif seen the final logo resolve, all evoke a sense of connectivity and the social entrepreneurial spirit of working together.


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Illustration by: Emberlight



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