3e Ident: Outburst

3e Ident: Outburst

3e ident Outburst is the second in the series of animated station identities we conceptualised and animated for the 2017 ‘3e’ rebrand. The concept behind the suite of idents is ‘metamorphose’, exploring the ever changing and evolving nature of life, art and entertainment.  The concept is born from the idea that the channel is complex, containing multitudes of layers, which take many shapes. Each ident shows a flurry of bursting out from inside the ‘3e’, engulfing the structure until the ‘metamorphose’ is complete. In this way, the channel is constantly re-born.
This ident is entitled ‘Outburst’ due to the fact that there is a secondary explosion bursting out from within the primary eruption.

A bespoke soundscape for ’Outburst’ was created by Waveform Studios, Dublin


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Illustration by: Emberlight





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