3e Ident: Fur

3e Ident: Fur

‘Fur’ is fourth ident in a series of channel branding animations we created for 3e. The suite of idents is called ‘Metamorphose’ and explores the complex and ever-changing nature of entertainment within the channel. In this ident, the crisp outer shell of the 3e structure cracks and breaks while furry tendrils peak out from the inside. The fur  was created in 3D using an external hair-and-fur plugin. This helped in the animation of the fur especially on the end reveal where the all the furry tendrils blow in the wind.  Across the suite, 3e is continually changed into something new, fresh and interesting. Conceptualised and created and animated at Emberlight with Sound design by, very talented, Waveform Studios. To see the full suite of 3e Idents go to our Metamorphose Bloggily Bit

See how we’ve transformed these idents into sponsorship takeovers for commercial clients such as KBC.

If you are interested in ‘taking over’ 3e Idents contact the sales department at TV3.

Illustration by: Emberlight



Commercial, Emberlight


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