National Dairy Council ‘Love Irish Dairy’ Campaign

National Dairy Council campaign image

National Dairy Council ‘Love Irish Dairy’ Campaign

In April 2019, the National Dairy Council launched it’s ‘Love Irish Diary and it Loves you Back’ campaign. We played a visual effects role in the campaign, which spanned TV, radio, social media and outdoor spots. The light-hearted campaign focused on our hero and his love affair with various dairy products. He is shown in a range of romantic scenarios, from dining with a giant carton of milk, to working out with an oversized triangular cheese.

The campaign was shot using real props. We were tasked with replacing one of the props in all the shots. The giant block of cheese prop, it was agreed, needed to look more like cheese. The red cheddar needed a crumbly, uneven texture. Furthermore, it needed to react to the light like a block of cheese, which would allow some light to come through the thinner edges (Sub-surface scattering).


This was executed across all TV, social media including print. See the full feature on Vimeo.

Many thanks to John Phillipson and Promenade Productions who worked tirelessly on the campaign. To see more of our vfx work, check out our Virgin Media Two idents and Guinness Six Nations Promo over on our work page.


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