3D illustrations for Davy

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3D illustrations for Davy


We were delighted to be commissioned by Dublin-based graphic design company Red Dog to create a suite of 3D illustrations for Davy.  The suite is series of individual 3D renders featuring the Davy letters. We reimagined the D, A, V, and Y  letters as 3D structures and placed them in their own virtual space. Each letter was carefully modeled and lit in 3D. The illustrations will be used as part of a wider toolkit that can be used across all of Davy’s branded activity. The images were created in 8K (x16 the pixels of HD). This was done to ensure that they would work across a wide variety of screen and print media. Furthermore, the ability to crop into the image was also considered important as this increases the versatility and potential applications of the artwork.

letters DVY

We also delivered the letters in a variety of Davy’s new brand colours, designed by Red Dog. All 3D Illustrations were delivered in the iconic ‘Davy red’, their primary brand colour.

letter D and numbers 0 and 1


3D Numbers.

And where would a financial services company be without its numbers? Numbers 0-9 were carefully conceptualised, created and rendered in the full spectrum of Davy’s primary and secondary brand colours. The images can be used throughout any visual presentation and will serve as an elegant expression of Davy’s visual identity.

Davy Numbers

Finally, we’d like to thank the team at Red Dog, who are always such a pleasure to work with, for giving us the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.


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