3e Christmas Ident

3e Christmas Ident

We’ve transformed the 3e ident for the Holiday Season! In this 3e Christmas ident, erupting layers of Christmas baubles engulf the outer shell of the 3e. The colours have been changed to reflect more a Christmassy palette of greens and reds. We added a touch of seasonal sparkle to the texture of the ‘e’ and enhanced the crumbling explosions with bursts of  white powder. We modeled and textured each decoration in 3D, designing a variety of ornaments of different shapes and colours. While each ornament was designed to be different, it was also important to make sure they all worked together as one aesthetic. The ident will air on 3e for the Christmas period to help bring some festive cheer to your programming. Wishing all our family and friends a safe, happy, healthy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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Illustration by: Emberlight



Commercial, Emberlight


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